Macarons in ENDLESS flavor combinations available. Pictured here are chocolate nutella and chocolate peanut buttercream

Bonjour, I’m Elle!

I have been baking for many years and absolutely love it, as do those that have had my sweets. I attended the French Culinary one summer and was hooked. I also took several classes “en Paris” (croissants, macarons, etc)and my passion grew. Then one day life forever changed as I knew it. I lost the love of my life, my husband Joe (aka SLOBO) to brain cancer. Joe was hilarious, kind, charming and so sweet. He cared about people and always brightened the days of those who needed it most. My husband always built me up to make me feel like I could do anything. I realized through my grief that life is too short to work at something day in and out…that does not inspire me. Life is too short to work for people who are not happy in what they are doing and it shows. All of the sudden I realized that all signs started to point towards making my baking dream come true. To turn my passion for baking into my own business gave me joy and it was therapeutic. I believe in the mantra “find a job you love doing and you’ll never have to work a day in your life“! Not to be super cheesy but it is true and it shows in everything you do. When I create something I can still hear Joe’s voice cheering me and picture his face and signature “eye roll” when something was really good. I changed the day I lost Joe but my passion did not.

While I have never been adverse to a hard day’s work (I spent quite some time in both the corporate and creative fields), I believe now is the time for me to devote myself to my long-held passion. Please be patient as I start to build my website. I will be adding menus and more information as I navigate my new journey. Also, please come see me at the Great Neck Farmer’s Market at the end of June! Porch-Side Bakery will offer coffees (iced and hot), teas (blended iced and hot) and a selection of baked goods such as cupcakes, donuts, stuffed cookies, scones, coffee cakes, macarons and sooooo much more.

Please consider me for everything from every day baked goods to birthday and wedding cakes as well as your private events and “post wedding take-away treats” that can be personalized for your event. Also do fun things such as pretzel bars and donut walls. Please follow me as I share my journey here and on Instagram.

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to baking and creating delicious things for you!


Also stay tuned for what’s to come…(hint…a cute little Porch-Side Concession Stand available to ELEVATE your events. What fun and it can be stocked with your favorite ready to go sweets and/or snacks/coffees, etc! It can also be set up as a portable bar and personalized towards your event!

The possibilities are endless!

SWEETS: Stuffed Cookies | Macarons | Scones | Cookies | Ice Cream Sandwiches | Donuts

SAVORIES: Gourmet Grilled Cheese | Paninis | Quiches| Pretzels | etc…

FOOD BAR : Assorted Pretzels with dips (cheese, mustard, etc…)

DONUT WALL: Assorted Donuts displayed on decorated board